The Fear of Writing

Think of the last time you sat down and had to write a letter (oops showing my age!), or an email. Whether to the bank, school or whoever, did you find the words to express what you wanted to say? Or did you stare at the page or screen and give up a few times. It’s not always easy, is it?

Now think of this. You have an idea for a fictional story. This idea had been playing in your minds-eye for days, weeks and sometimes years. This idea has a life. The characters talk to you during the day, wake you up when you are sleeping, beg you to make their lives exciting. You are eager to go back to their world often to develop the concept and yet, when the few moments you get to be able to imprint this idea occurs, no words form.

Welcome to creative writing.

There are several reasons why the words are hard to translate onto a word document, and the curser flashing where I last left the characters doing their thing, doesn’t help. I’m going to share with you my top four reasons why I have an occasional fear of writing.

  • Rejection ~ even from myself
  • Self-doubts ~ am I good enough to think I can do this?
  • Finding the right words to express
  • Doing it wrong ~ crazy I know! Is there a right way?

And yet when I can overcome those initial fears, I write, pushing through the mental barriers and just form words that make a story, a creative story. A story that brings life into the characters tormenting me during the day and I let them vomit onto the screen. Okay vomit is a messy word but that’s what it is like. Vomit the words, clean up later.

So if you are reading this and have a story digging at you, write it down, take that leap, vomit the words on the page/screen, clean the words up later. More importantly, do your thing and hopefully overcome the fear of writing because after all, they are only words!


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