Not Forgotten…

It has been a while…no it has been forever since I last posted here and I shake my head in my lack of commitment. When I started this new website, I hoped there would be more than 3 posts by the middle of March, but I had totally forgot to take into account college.

Yeah I know, I am not the first person to go back to education, nor will I be the last. The thing is I am studying creative media, and therefore, all day my brain is in creating mode, film, TV, storyboards, websites, the full shebang. By the time my car pulls up in the driveway and I have consumed food, nothing in my brain works. BUT today I received an email I have been waiting for a while and thought I would tell anyone, who reads this, first.

I have been invited to attend an Author Event in Dublin!!!!

Before we all jump around the room together, pulling our tops over our head in glee, the year of event is 2019. That is Plenty of time for Hidden book 2 to be released and maybe, just maybe, another book.

Anyway, that is my exciting news in the book world…

Until next time….



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