Asking…part 2

Have you ever seen the posts on social media for funding a film? Fundit, Kickstarter, GoFundMe are just a few that are available. I would share the posts and when I could, I would donate to help make the projects work. For a filmmaker, this funding is widely and often used.

So when an author sets up a fund page, why then is there a stigma that follows?

A friend set up a fund page to help release her first book. I scoffed at the idea. Why should she ask for money to support her dreams while, like many other writers, I was funding my own?

I had skimped and saved to be able to purchase covers, edit the books, format them and then print them. Not yet have my books paid me back for my hard work but that I put down to not being out there, so to speak.

Until now.

My last post I spoke about asking for help. I didn’t realise then that I would be the one asking for help in a funding kinda way. I honestly didn’t think that would be the road I would travel.

It is no secret that I started an honours degree in the creative arts. It is also no secret that my first year, as a full-time student, was tough. Life caught me by the ankles and started to pull me into the depth of the sea, slowly drowning.

So yes I have asked for the unthinkable help. Help to push the next book towards the finishing line.

I would do it for others, if I had the means, and I have done it for others in the past. I will, eventually, pass it forward again.

Creativity comes in all forms; film, photography, writing, theatre, music and should be encouraged. Even if that encouragement is a share or hashtag on social media or actually helping out.

Yes I do have a gofundme page, no I won’t be sharing the link, if you would like it then please message me.

Funding is me asking for help, funding is me giving something back to you, funding is and should be a one-off thing. 

It will not be done again and you know why?

Because of 2 reasons: 1) asking is hard, 2) negativity.

I wish everyone who has a crowdfund running at the moment, the best of luck.

It is not easy to ask. 


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