After the writing has finished…it’s Beta time

The End had been written, the story had been completed, in my head, there was a party going on. And then what?

Relieve, it’s finished?

Fear, that it’s finished?

Lost, knowing it is finished?

Or all of the above?

After reading through the draft, setting scenes that made complete sense while writing, but when read back made no sense at all, the time came to hand over my book baby to others.

Others = amazing Beta Readers who kindly take the raw, unedited draft and read through the grammar mistakes to give the story new eyes. A readers eyes.

It is hard to put into words how grateful and honoured I am for these first read-throughs, how nervous they make me, and how much trust and confidence handed over to these wonderful, amazing friends.

Thank you Beta Readers, thank you for your time, chance, honest review, direction, comments, messages, and your book world love.


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