Leaving Twitter

Today I left Twitter, like really left, deleted the account and didn’t even say goodbye.

And I am totally grand with that.

At the beginning of my Twitter journey it was exciting, meeting new people and enjoying their company. Over the past year, I don’t know if it is because I have found Facebook a more comfortable place or I just have nothing to say but I have been posting on the site less and less.

Some people might say, leave your account and just pop back every now and then, but that has never been me. I’d be the one who would have the app on my phone and iPad and even though I wouldn’t tweet, I would check the timeline.

But not any more.

I honestly don’t think I will be missed, although I had over a thousand followers, my tweets were mostly left uncommented on. And anyway, I’m on Facebook. 



Book Launch

On the 29th October, Bank Holiday Sunday in Ireland, I had my first ever book launch. Now I have never done one of these before and had no idea what to expect or what I should do. All I knew was I had better get some invites made and spread the word. Which I did.

Invites went to everyone and in every shop in the town where I live. I was even asked for more in the bookstore, which I duly delivered with a big smile on my face.

The day arrived, my car was packed and I was in my best frock.

The minutes ticked down until the time had come when the doors would open and, hopefully, people who have seen or taken one of my many invites, would arrive.

In a dream state, I could envision neighbours, friends from town, people I used to work with, and people I had yet to get to know, arriving. But that was not meant to be.

Not this time.

Maybe never.

The people who streamed into the room on my 1st ever book launch were an amazing group of supporters, and no matter what, would be there for me. I was surrounded by family and my second family of college friends.

The people that were so important in my life, were there and THAT was the best feeling ever.


(`*•.¸ (`*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´),.•*´)
(¸.•* (¸.•*´(¸.•*´(¸.•*´`*•.¸)`*•.¸)`*•.¸)`*•.¸)

Title: Revealed
Series: Uncovered Series #2
Author: Amelia J Hunter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 10th October 2017
Cover design by JC Clarke at TheGraphicShed


Samuel Delaney thought he had uncovered everything from his past until the builders arrived to renovate the cottage left to him.

Exposed behind the old crumbling plaster, the slot between the stone used to construct the fireplace had a piece of faded pink cloth, torn and bloodstained.

Too small for an adult, perfect for a baby.

More hidden secrets are to be revealed.

More lives will be changed forever.

A continuation of HIDDEN, and Samuel Delaney’s battle for closure.

Amazon:  http://mybook.to/Revealedbk2

All other: https://www.books2read.com/u/4XoLwN

Add to your TBR at Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36222394-revealed 

After the writing has finished…it’s Beta time

The End had been written, the story had been completed, in my head, there was a party going on. And then what?

Relieve, it’s finished?

Fear, that it’s finished?

Lost, knowing it is finished?

Or all of the above?

After reading through the draft, setting scenes that made complete sense while writing, but when read back made no sense at all, the time came to hand over my book baby to others.

Others = amazing Beta Readers who kindly take the raw, unedited draft and read through the grammar mistakes to give the story new eyes. A readers eyes.

It is hard to put into words how grateful and honoured I am for these first read-throughs, how nervous they make me, and how much trust and confidence handed over to these wonderful, amazing friends.

Thank you Beta Readers, thank you for your time, chance, honest review, direction, comments, messages, and your book world love.

Asking…part 2

Have you ever seen the posts on social media for funding a film? Fundit, Kickstarter, GoFundMe are just a few that are available. I would share the posts and when I could, I would donate to help make the projects work. For a filmmaker, this funding is widely and often used.

So when an author sets up a fund page, why then is there a stigma that follows?

A friend set up a fund page to help release her first book. I scoffed at the idea. Why should she ask for money to support her dreams while, like many other writers, I was funding my own?

I had skimped and saved to be able to purchase covers, edit the books, format them and then print them. Not yet have my books paid me back for my hard work but that I put down to not being out there, so to speak.

Until now.

My last post I spoke about asking for help. I didn’t realise then that I would be the one asking for help in a funding kinda way. I honestly didn’t think that would be the road I would travel.

It is no secret that I started an honours degree in the creative arts. It is also no secret that my first year, as a full-time student, was tough. Life caught me by the ankles and started to pull me into the depth of the sea, slowly drowning.

So yes I have asked for the unthinkable help. Help to push the next book towards the finishing line.

I would do it for others, if I had the means, and I have done it for others in the past. I will, eventually, pass it forward again.

Creativity comes in all forms; film, photography, writing, theatre, music and should be encouraged. Even if that encouragement is a share or hashtag on social media or actually helping out.

Yes I do have a gofundme page, no I won’t be sharing the link, if you would like it then please message me.

Funding is me asking for help, funding is me giving something back to you, funding is and should be a one-off thing. 

It will not be done again and you know why?

Because of 2 reasons: 1) asking is hard, 2) negativity.

I wish everyone who has a crowdfund running at the moment, the best of luck.

It is not easy to ask. 


Easter break has been a busy one. With less than a month before I finish college, for the year (unbelievable), I have been back and forth, on the long journey, to complete or at least near complete projects. Between that and recharging the ole body, my mind has been thinking. Which is dangerous.

Now I know and admit I’m not a bestseller, my books aren’t in the top 100 on Amazon and I don’t make money from my writing. That is life. So what have I been thinking about, what did the whole day start and end with? Changing my covers, changing my name and trying to give my words a boost that they deserve.

Let me start with changing my name.

I had this thought that maybe if I signed off my book Hidden with my real name, the book would be more accessible. Crazy but let me explain. Support, where I live, seems to only happen if the name on the book relates to a local person. Hidden is in a local shop, which is fantastic, but they have left it on the shelf and not on the table with the other local writers. So my great plan would be to replace Amelia with my name. It was then suggested to me that maybe the cover should be changed too. A complete overall. By the afternoon my head was full of plans, what kind of cover should I have, what would I do with my Facebook account and Twitter, how was I going to afford this amount of change?

See…never give me time to think!

This is where friends stepped in. One by one they gave me a verbal slap that I am very thankful for and made me see the reality.

Hidden has a beautiful cover, it was chosen because it represented Samuel, the turmoil he was experiencing and the past he couldn’t shake off. The pain in his eyes spoke the words I had written. I love that cover the moment I saw it and will always love it. There will be no change.

Next my name, well I am Amelia. The public side of me mixed with a small amount of private life. When I talk about college, well that’s very much the other side of me but I talk about it because it is my passion. My creativity expands everyday and I use my skills, as a writer, to grow there. I edit film that I have shot, storyboarded, and directed. I work with audio voice -overs, syncing with film and editing on ProTools application. I tell stories with pictures through photography, or at least I am trying too. I create websites, I am a creative person and although I am not writing novels at college, I am storytelling.  If I take Amelia away, then I will have no voice to talk to you with. So Amelia is staying.

I am privileged, extremely grateful and cannot thank the people who stepped in yesterday to make me see sense. A dear friend recommended the book The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and it has been inspiring.  On my Facebook page yesterday I stated that I will start asking more, something I didn’t really do. And I will. I will ask when I am in a place of doubt, for time to chat. I will ask when I am unsure of the next step to take. I will ask for a friendly coffee and to clear the dust from my brain. Oh and I will ask, when the time comes, for help when I am ready to release book 2 of Hidden.

Thank you for reading


*any grammar/spelling mistakes are my own

Not Forgotten…

It has been a while…no it has been forever since I last posted here and I shake my head in my lack of commitment. When I started this new website, I hoped there would be more than 3 posts by the middle of March, but I had totally forgot to take into account college.

Yeah I know, I am not the first person to go back to education, nor will I be the last. The thing is I am studying creative media, and therefore, all day my brain is in creating mode, film, TV, storyboards, websites, the full shebang. By the time my car pulls up in the driveway and I have consumed food, nothing in my brain works. BUT today I received an email I have been waiting for a while and thought I would tell anyone, who reads this, first.

I have been invited to attend an Author Event in Dublin!!!!

Before we all jump around the room together, pulling our tops over our head in glee, the year of event is 2019. That is Plenty of time for Hidden book 2 to be released and maybe, just maybe, another book.

Anyway, that is my exciting news in the book world…

Until next time….